Thursday, May 11, 2017



finally done

Hello again.  I know back in January I promised to have another post soon, but when you have health issues sometimes that just goes out the window.  But I am back now. 

      Remember the January post about the practice lampshade I did?  It turned out okay, so I went ahead and redid the 10 shades for the chandelier that had been languishing in the bathtub for a year.  Hubs got it hung up and I got the shades on.  It’s in the master bathroom. 

      The first picture is Hubs holding it up just so you can see what it really looks like.  The next picture is a close-up of the shades, in process and done.

      This application was a bit different from the one in January’s post.  I discovered that on the shades with the braid trim all I had to do was lift the braid up and gently, but firmly, slide the fabric under and then re-glue (just a tiny bit of glue).  I, of course, painted  the glue on the back of the fabric with a small paintbrush, and a bit on the shade, especially around the edges where the fabric would be.


However, on the shades with the flat trim it was a bit more difficult.  The trim was firmly glued down so I had to approach it from a different direction.  As you can see from the pictures, I over lapped the trim then just added more trim over that.


     It wasn’t too difficult, just time consuming and patience exhausting.  Yes, I exhausted all my patience with this one, but it’s done now and I really like it.  Here it is all done and pretty.

     And that folks is all there is for now.  I am working on a post with my “garden” and painted pots, along with a nice post about fermenting veggies.  This should be of interest especially to those with any kind of Adrenal Insufficiency.  We tend to crave salt and fermented veggies are a bit saltier than regular veggies unless you load them up with table salt.  So, keep a look out, it shouldn’t be too long before I have it up.

      And as always, thank you for reading me and please bookmark me, pin me, and come back often.

      And remember – Never give in, Never surrender, and God bless.


a/k/a BizzyLizzy

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  1. Hi Busy, love the chandelier! You really did a great job! The fabric is perfect with it. Love it! And I love pink! Hubs does'nt mind a pink bedroom? Glad you are up and going again.I have started some crafty items besides crochet. Found Junk Journals. Fell in love with them when I found them and bought one. Made one for my daughter, plus 2 more that I will be putting on Esty to see what happens. Take care Busy! Will let you know when I post on Esty. Lynn