Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Living Room Redecoration



     Gosh! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my last post.  Since I last talked with you I have broken my left leg, was in hospital 12 days with diverticulitis, and have been going to physical therapy for cervical spondylosis.  For those of you, like me, who have no idea what this is, the vertebra in my neck are collapsing and pinching the nerves.  Yikes!!!  It hurts, but PT is helping some, and pain meds.  Yes, YAY for pain meds.  
     So, in spite of all this I finally managed to finish the redecorating project called My Living Room.  I want right now to give a HUGE shout out to my Hubby. 
     Without him it never would have come to fruition.

     Now be prepared because this is going to be a long post.  There are tons of photos and lots of explanations.

     But first, the befores.  When we first moved in 15 years ago.  Very plain.  Now I know it doesn’t look bad, just plain, and brown. 

   Then there’s this version a few years later.  Couch reupholstered, no valance, but new pillows.   The coffee table was a gift from a very dear, now departed, friend.    
      Still brown!!!!   This is how it looked for years, how did I ever stand it? 

  Then it looked like this…….

     Some improvement, but not enough, AND the rug, although brightening, got dirty really easily.  And there was still too much brown. 
     So here we go.  A total re-do, except for the sofa.  I spent entirely too much on the reupholstery to have it done again so soon, so I’ll just have to live with it, or cover it up.  Notice the number of pillows!!

     And here’s the beginning……

     I wanted something unusual for a TV stand.  Hubs and I are old and we watch a lot of TV, and I had seen several sideboards on Pinterest that were used as TV stands.  Since my Living Room is part of a Great Room, a sideboard is just the right size.  We bought this one from a local “antique” shop.  It was in the back room with a bunch of unsellables because of damage or just plain uglies.  We got it for $80.  I still think it was too much, but it was solid and the only damage was on the top.  ~side note: later the same afternoon we visited another “antique” shop around the corner and there was a sideboard there all done over, the price $375.~  
     Hubs got to it before I did and had it partially disassembled when I took this picture.  With a load of sandpaper, lots of elbow grease, and some great paint from Sherwin-Williams, it is now a great piece of furniture. 
     Here it is several months ago.  It still looks like this, but the rest of the room doesn’t. 

     The next thing I would like to show-off is the rocking chair.  You see it above.  It’s been in Hubs family for close to 90 years and it looks it.  And it’s not very comfortable, the seat being very hard and those slats on your spine – painful!!! 
     Again, another idea from Pinterest.  Here’s the Pinterest post and my rocker.  A bit of difference, but you can see where I got the inspiration.

LOVE this!!!! Tutorial, too!!! Heart Heart Heart:

     I think I like mine better.  I know it’s a lot more comfortable.  I did not paint it, nor did I even clean it.  Hubs likes it the way it is, and since it is actually his, I just left.  I can tell you it is really comfortable to sit in now. 
     What did I do?  Nothing. Because of my neck problems, it is impossible for me to sew although I did manage to make a few pillows before having to give it up, so I hired it out.  We have a company in town called American Mills and they do sewing for you, just take them what you want (you can buy their fabric or take your own) and tell them what you want and they do it, for a fee, of course, but they are really reasonable. 
     I knew I wanted ruffles, but not on the seat cushion.  I wanted the cushion to be removable for washing, stuff tends to get really dirty around my house. And I wanted the ruffles removable in case I got tired of them or just wanted a different fabric.  The “throw” I have had for years.  When I washed it the fringe got all tangled, and having no patience, I just cut it off.
     That’s Audrey in the background. When I lived in Atlanta I bought Audrey from a neighbor in 1994, and she was 6 then, so she’s 28 years old now. 

     She loves to spend the summer on the back porch, lots of light, but no sun.  
     This is her third pot, which I painted.  I have more painted pots to show you, but that’s another post.  The blue and white pot was a gift from my kids years ago, I can’t even remember now.  The three other pots were gifts from Hubs Grandmother when we got married.  I think she just wanted to get them out of her house! 

     Next is the coffee table. The one gifted to me by a friend.  This is part of my new design style – I call it Shabby Eclectic.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know I REALLY, REALLY do not like (read HATE) brown.  I loved the lines on this table, but IT WAS BROWN.  I thought about just getting rid of it, but every time I tried, I thought of my friend, hence, the make-over.  You’ve seen the before, NOW THE AFTER:

     That’s Hubs foot on the right.  He was resting as I was putting him to work trying to finish all these projects.  That’s what it looked like a few months ago.  We’ll get to the now in a moment.  Quite an improvement, yes?  My son had a fit that I actually painted an honest to goodness antique.  BUT IT WAS BROWN, and not an attractive brown at that.  I really like it so much more now.  All it took was a ruler, some tape, some paint and a little imagination.  It really (there’s that word again – but what else can I use) brightens up the room and it makes me smile every time I look at it. 
     Notice the leopard skin rug?  It was in the “hobby/computer room/office”.   When I decided to re-do that room into a library (next post) the rug didn’t fit because of the bookcases; where else to put it – in the Living Room, of course.  I know, it’s brown, but so is the floor, so it doesn’t count.

The picture frames have been painted Wicker White.
The rocking chair got a make-over.
The coffee table got an update.
New pillows on the sofa.
New curtains and a cornice board.
The pink and white star is actually a cake pan I painted.  I think it looks like a peppermint candy.  Makes me want candy every time I look at it.

     I think I overdecorated my coffee table, but I couldn’t decide which to use, so I used them all.

Painted a very dark grey candle holder white and added a white pumpkin.
Painted three Mason jars, distressed them and decorated with pumpkins, bittersweet, burlap, pinecones, and an old crocheted doily.
The glass pumpkin I bought at a local outlet store.
The milk glass candy dish I have had for years and years.  Don’t even remember where I got it.
The pillows on the sofa – some were made by the nice people at American Mills and some were bought at my favorite outlet store in town.

I painted the owl and the pig white.  Now they look like porcelain, not acrylic (owl) or brown chalk ware (pig).

Hubs made me a sofa table (next photo).  The tool box on the sofa table was my GrandDad’s.  It had been sitting in the shed for years, I had actually forgotten it was out there.  Brought it in, dusted it off, sanded it down a bit, and there it is.  Gorgeous.

     That poor little table by the door has been hanging around half naked since January 2016.  I will get around to finishing the painting probably in January 2017!
     Close ups of the owl and the pig.  Don’t they look like porcelain?  It’s just glossy white spray paint.


 This lamp was a find at The Christian's Women's Center in town for $7.99.  It worked and looked like it had recently been rewired, but it was bronze.  I loved the glass, but not the bronze, so it got a coat (actually two) of silver. Painted the mahogany stained side tables.  It looks sort of yellow, but it’s not.  Hubs just used some left over paint from when he painted the porches and banisters last summer.  It is sort of a light buttercream with polyurethane over it.

     Sorry about no before pictures of the lamps.  I had not been feeling well and Hubs got to them before I could snap a pic.  But just image bronze.

     The Dining Room in the background, the Kitchen is on the right, you can just see the faucet if you look real close.  There’s the other lamp I painted silver.  It was a good lamp and only cost $2.99 at the thrift store.  The shade was so filthy I thought it was ruined until I vacuumed it.  The only thing bad was the tape around the bottom was loose.  A little fabric glue and voila! it’s as good as new.  The little table with the squiggly legs between the chairs was purchased a few years ago.  It has not undergone a makeover, that’s the way it came.

     Hubs made the cornices.  Here’s my inspiration, and a close up of mine.

The inspiration.                                                  Mine:

DIY Wooden Window Cornice. Easy and inexpensive way to dress up any window! I want to do this to every window in my house!:
     It’s not an exact match, but I like it.  It’s supposed to be barn wood, but it’s really (that word again) expensive and we didn’t have any suitable out at the old homestead, this is new wood.  First it was put together, then distressed. ((If you are interested I can probably get Hubs to write about how he made the cornices and got them up.))
     I beat on it a bit with a hammer and sanded the edges then stained it a dark brown stain.  After that dried, I painted it with three different shades of grey.  Then sanded it down a bit so some of the actual wood and the stain would show.  I probably could have sanded it a bit more, but I got tired and my neck was beginning to hurt.  And yes, it does look blue, but I did not use any blue paint.  When I took this pic, we had not gotten around to touching up the holes where the curtain rod used to hang. 

     Well, here’s the end.  This is what it looks like now.  I like it, Hubs likes it, and that’s all that matters.  It's cozy, homey, and comfortable AND you don't have to worry about messing up anything.  It's made to live in, and on. 

     Look out for my next post – it will be short – The Dining Room.  It’s a small room and there wasn’t much to do to it.  And next the Library, since these two will be relatively short, maybe I’ll just combine them into one blog post. 
     Then there’s my miscellaneous projects.  I promise I’ll get to it before Christmas.  I have a couple more I want to finish before I post, but I won’t keep you waiting too long.

     Until next time, Rant, Rave and Redecorate.

a//k/a Bizzylizzy

Sorry, have been too busy to notice anything to Rant about, and since this is a non-political blog there will be no mention of the election, and because of the neck pain, I haven’t been cooking, Hubs has, so there’s no Recipes this time. 
I do have a Rave – Hubs.  He has been great helping out and doing the cooking.  I’ve got to get him something really (that word again) terrific for Christmas.  Any suggestions?

And I do NOT get any reimbursement or products for this blog.  All materials are purchased by me for my use and all opinions are my own.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On Christmas Decorating


     Well folks, BizzyLizzy has been real busy decorating for Christmas and giving the bedroom a well- deserved makeover. 

     First off, here’s some pics of my Christmas tree.  I had painted the milk can blue back a few months ago, and really liked the color, so when it came time for the Christmas tree, I decided to put it in the milk can.  Last year the tree sat on a small table, and it just looked so forlorn, not happy at all.  I wanted something different this year and when I saw a pic on Pinterest, I thought it would be just the thing.

     I guess you could call it a Redneck Christmas tree because it’s sort of shabby and country and it is SITTING IN A MILK CAN!!!! 

     Then there’s my wreaths.  I made two.  One for outside and one for inside.  For the outside one I wanted something different from the usual ribbon, bows, Christmas balls, etc.  When I retrieved my Dollies from their resting place, this little snowman caught my eye.  He had on a pair of skis and had ski poles in his hands. This would not do, so off come the poles and skis and on he goes to the wreath. 

    His arms are wired, so I could arrange them so it would look like he was waving.  I had two burlap flowers left over from another project and thought they were just different enough to be interesting, then I just added a little greenery, and here he is.  And because the entire wreath is not so Christmassy, I can use it all Winter, at least until Valentine’s Day.  So cute.  And no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the glare from my neighbor’s house to go away. 

     And yes, the sign on the window says “Caution” oxygen in use – no open flames.  I do have COPD and am on oxygen 24/7, so I have to be extra careful around open fires.  That’s why you may see candles in my decorating, but they will never be lighted.

     For the inside one, I saw another pic on Pinterest of an angel wreath.  This angel sat atop our very large Christmas tree for years, but she is just too large for our small tree.  She spent the last couple of years tucked carefully away, but this year she’s out and about and looking very pretty in her new home.

     The balls have been around for years, the hot pink ones have been around for at least 60 years.  I remember them from when I was a child.  The others aren’t that old, they’re only around 25 years old.  And I love the “pearls” with the burlap.   I think she’s just elegant.

     And then there’s my dollies.  Every year I buy a new doll for Christmas.  This year it was this adorable little reindeer.  Isn’t he cute?  I’m not sure where his permanent Christmas home will be, I’ll just move him around until he looks at home. 

     I mean, just look at that face.  Who could resist that face? Adorable.

     And here’s some pics of some of my other Christmas dollies. 

     This Nativity was painted by Hub’s aunt in 1951.  It has been around the block several times and was looking worn out and tired. 

     This is a representation of what the entire Nativity looked like.  The paint was flaking and some parts were missing.  Notice the ears. 

     After brushing with a toothbrush to get all the loose paint off, I sprayed it with primer, then two coats of Americana Décor chalk paint, and when it was good and dry I sprayed it with ModPodge Hi-Shine super acrylic sealer.  I wanted it to look like porcelain, not the chalk ware that it is.  It is a complete set, with the wise men, the camels, a shepherd with sheep, a cow, a donkey and of course, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the Angel.  I choose to use only Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Angel, the wise men and the shepherd.  The animals actually took up too much room and needed a little more work than I had time to devote.  Maybe next year I’ll tackle the animals and use all of them.

     This next picture I added just to show some weird photographic effects.  I was playing around with lighting when I got this.  I had turned off all the lights and used the flash.  The clear marbles actually glowed under the flash.  As I’ve said many times before, I am not a photographer and anything can happen.  I think this was one of those lucky things.

     Not to call this little guy an afterthought, but actually he is.  When Hubs got all the stuff out, this little guy was left over, I just couldn’t figure out what to do with him.  He really was ugly.  Grey, and it was a dirty looking grey, not a nice grey, and the antlers were brown, yes, I know, in real life that’s the color, but you know me and BROWN!  Spray paint to the rescue.

     But where to put him?  On the dining room table, of course!  I cleared away the original arrangement I had and made this one with this little guy.  I like it much better.  And if you look very closely, just in the background you can see the angel candleholder that I inherited from Hubs Mother.  She has been around as long as Hubs.   

     And that’s about all I’ve done for Christmas decorating.  With a torn rotator cuff it’s a miracle I accomplished this much.

     This will be my last post for the year.  But BizzyLizzy will be back in January 2016.   OMG!!!!! 2016.  When I was in second grade (1952) we were talking about the turn of the century 20th to 21st and I thought that was such a long way off and I would never live to see it, well I have and then some.  Hoping for lots more.

     So here’s wishing all of you a very, very Merry Christmas and an excellent New Year.  May all your dreams come true, and may you get all your wishes granted.  But if you don’t, it’s for a good reason.

     And always remember – Never give in, Never surrender, and God bless.

Victoria a/k/a BizzyLizzy

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This title may be a little misleading as I didn’t really makeover the entire bedroom, only parts of it. 

If you’ve been following me, you know I have this love/hate relationship with BROWN.  Look at the before pics, the standing mirror (cheval glass) was a mahogany color, and the picture frames were the same ugly brown.  (I had already removed the mirror when I remembered to take pictures.)

I have been looking at this mirror and those picture frames for 14 years and decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!   I can’t take it another day, so Christmas decorating was postponed while I finished this project.

Hubs helped me disassemble the mirror, it’s easier to paint that way.  I decided I wanted it two-tone, so out comes my favorite color, PINK, although I did add a bit of white to soften it up a bit.  The frame was painted white, it’s Americana Décor in Everlasting.  It’s a chalk paint and covers so easily.  I did use two coats on everything, then sprayed it with a colorless semi-gloss sealer. 

Once it was painted it still didn’t look especially happy, and was just screaming out to me for some bling.  So it got it!!!!!  I rummaged around in my stash to see what I could find, and most of it’s on the mirror.  The sea shells came from my daughter’s trip to Miami several years ago, the jewelry was in my stash, broken pieces, missing earrings mates, rhinestone pieces that were missing stones, etc.  I had the burlap rose left over from another project and thought it would look good, sort of 1950ish.  If you look real close you can see where I added one rhinestone to a rose petal to mimic a dew drop.

When I wake up each morning this is the first thing I see and it makes me smile.  Just starts my day off on a happy note.

And although I don’t see the pictures when I wake up in the morning, I see them every time I walk into my bedroom.  You can’t miss them, the door is across from the bed.  They look like brand spanking new.  The prints even look brighter and happier.  

All I did was paint the frames with the same chalk paint, added a little pink accent close to the glass and painted those gold dots a very soft grey.  I think grey and pink go together well and plan on using this combination on some other things. To save some money (you know how expensive mats are?), I just flipped the ones I had around.  They were white on the back side; I did go over them with a very light coat of the white paint.  If you look closely you can see the grey dots around the edges of the frame.  As I said before, I'm not a photographer and I don't see too well, but I am working on producing better pictures.  

And then there was the waste paper basket.  I didn’t get a before pic because I hated it so much I just wanted it to disappear.  Originally I loved it, it was sort of a beigy color with huge cabbage roses in a rosy pink color.  But with age the beigy color became closer to a light brown and the rosy pink faded and it was just dirty looking.  I actually considered just throwing it away and buying something else, but the thrifty gene kicked in and I decided I could just cover it up.

I love garage sales, thrift store, estate sales, etc.  I bought several old tablecloths at an estate sale months ago, not knowing what I was going to do with them.  I certainly wasn’t going to use them as tablecloths (they were square and my table is round), so I just stashed them away for future projects.  The pink check one was perfect for my waste paper basket because I didn’t have to measure anything.  I could just use the checks as a guide and glue it on.  The tablecloth actually has/had a sort of macramé edge all around and I used this as a decoration on top.  Just glued the back edge down, flipped it over and glued the top edge over and there it is.

Now the question is, should I paint my bed?  It's really dark, but with all the other white and pink (and eventually I'll have white curtains), I'm thinking that leaving it dark will ground the room. When I get that dresser I've been looking for, then I'll decide.  If the dresser is natural wood, then I'll probably lighten up the bed a bit, I'm thinking not paint, but something like a stain, except in a very pale color.  Well, we'll handle that when that time comes.  

Yes, this is a short post, but believe me, I am working on several projects that’s going to be mind-blowing when I finish.  It may just take a month or two, but I’ll have something to post between now and then.

So, until next time, keep those paint brushes busy and keep making those castoffs happy.

And remember – Never give in, Never surrender and God bless.

Victoria a/k/a BusyLizzy