Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This title may be a little misleading as I didn’t really makeover the entire bedroom, only parts of it. 

If you’ve been following me, you know I have this love/hate relationship with BROWN.  Look at the before pics, the standing mirror (cheval glass) was a mahogany color, and the picture frames were the same ugly brown.  (I had already removed the mirror when I remembered to take pictures.)

I have been looking at this mirror and those picture frames for 14 years and decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!   I can’t take it another day, so Christmas decorating was postponed while I finished this project.

Hubs helped me disassemble the mirror, it’s easier to paint that way.  I decided I wanted it two-tone, so out comes my favorite color, PINK, although I did add a bit of white to soften it up a bit.  The frame was painted white, it’s Americana Décor in Everlasting.  It’s a chalk paint and covers so easily.  I did use two coats on everything, then sprayed it with a colorless semi-gloss sealer. 

Once it was painted it still didn’t look especially happy, and was just screaming out to me for some bling.  So it got it!!!!!  I rummaged around in my stash to see what I could find, and most of it’s on the mirror.  The sea shells came from my daughter’s trip to Miami several years ago, the jewelry was in my stash, broken pieces, missing earrings mates, rhinestone pieces that were missing stones, etc.  I had the burlap rose left over from another project and thought it would look good, sort of 1950ish.  If you look real close you can see where I added one rhinestone to a rose petal to mimic a dew drop.

When I wake up each morning this is the first thing I see and it makes me smile.  Just starts my day off on a happy note.

And although I don’t see the pictures when I wake up in the morning, I see them every time I walk into my bedroom.  You can’t miss them, the door is across from the bed.  They look like brand spanking new.  The prints even look brighter and happier.  

All I did was paint the frames with the same chalk paint, added a little pink accent close to the glass and painted those gold dots a very soft grey.  I think grey and pink go together well and plan on using this combination on some other things. To save some money (you know how expensive mats are?), I just flipped the ones I had around.  They were white on the back side; I did go over them with a very light coat of the white paint.  If you look closely you can see the grey dots around the edges of the frame.  As I said before, I'm not a photographer and I don't see too well, but I am working on producing better pictures.  

And then there was the waste paper basket.  I didn’t get a before pic because I hated it so much I just wanted it to disappear.  Originally I loved it, it was sort of a beigy color with huge cabbage roses in a rosy pink color.  But with age the beigy color became closer to a light brown and the rosy pink faded and it was just dirty looking.  I actually considered just throwing it away and buying something else, but the thrifty gene kicked in and I decided I could just cover it up.

I love garage sales, thrift store, estate sales, etc.  I bought several old tablecloths at an estate sale months ago, not knowing what I was going to do with them.  I certainly wasn’t going to use them as tablecloths (they were square and my table is round), so I just stashed them away for future projects.  The pink check one was perfect for my waste paper basket because I didn’t have to measure anything.  I could just use the checks as a guide and glue it on.  The tablecloth actually has/had a sort of macramé edge all around and I used this as a decoration on top.  Just glued the back edge down, flipped it over and glued the top edge over and there it is.

Now the question is, should I paint my bed?  It's really dark, but with all the other white and pink (and eventually I'll have white curtains), I'm thinking that leaving it dark will ground the room. When I get that dresser I've been looking for, then I'll decide.  If the dresser is natural wood, then I'll probably lighten up the bed a bit, I'm thinking not paint, but something like a stain, except in a very pale color.  Well, we'll handle that when that time comes.  

Yes, this is a short post, but believe me, I am working on several projects that’s going to be mind-blowing when I finish.  It may just take a month or two, but I’ll have something to post between now and then.

So, until next time, keep those paint brushes busy and keep making those castoffs happy.

And remember – Never give in, Never surrender and God bless.

Victoria a/k/a BusyLizzy


  1. Love, love the redo! Especially the framed art. You have such talent!

  2. I especially like your work on the mirror. It turned out beautifully.
    Good job! penny13

  3. Buzzy,absolutely beautiful. You have the talent and patience. Love how it all goes together.

  4. Thanks all. I try. And I've got some ideas coming next month that's going to be awesome. Come back soon. Victoria