Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Addendum to Aug 2015


       This is just an addendum to the previous post.  I thought it would interest y’all to see what could be done with a $.99 tray from the thrift store.

       I really needed to corral all the stuff on my night stand and thought a tray would be the way to go.  After looking around in various stores, I decided to peruse Pinterest.  This is the result of that search.


       Tray as bought.  Christmas design.  And it’s red.  Not in my bedroom!!!!

       Tray after. 

     I sprayed it with two coats of Valspar white primer.  Let it dry 24 hours between coats.  Then painted it with two coats of my special chalk paint.  The recipe is in the previous post.  The white is Plaid FolkArt wicker white and the yellow is Plaid FolkArt lemonade.  I did not put on a sealer. 

       And here’s the finished product, on my nightstand with all the stuff.  It has corralled everything and keeps it together.  It’s just all round neater and easier to keep clean.  Only have to move a couple of things to dust instead of a lot of little things. *****if you look closely you can see I added little bun feet just to be different******

       Hope you enjoyed seeing this as much as I enjoyed making it.  There are tons of things at thrift stores just crying out to be rescued and revamped.  I will be posting some more in the next couple of weeks, so keep visiting, you never know what will pop up.

       Pin me, I need the exposure.

       And remember – Never give in, Never surrender, and God bless.

Victoria a/k/a BizzyLizzy

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