Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Is Big Brother watching us?  The answer is unequivocally YES!!!
A few days ago hubby went to the grocery store (Kroger) and came home with some plums.  We both thought they tasted strange, but decided they were okay. 
Tuesday night Kroger called (a pre-recorded message) saying the plums we bought “may have been” contaminated with Listeria.  All well and good that they called to warn me about a potential problem with the fruit, HOWEVER, I now realize “they” know everything I am buying in their store.
This can be good and bad.  Good because they can warn us of potential hazards with contaminated food and also good because they know what you buy and can send you coupons.  I love coupons. 
But it is bad because of the potential implications of intrusion into your personal space.  It is actually nobody’s business what you are eating.  Imagine this scenario; one week you decide you only want to eat beef.  You buy a large roast so it will last at least 2 days, you buy steak for the week-end cook-out, how about some ground beef for pizza Friday night, and some stew beef or a round steak for some good ole homemade soup.  Now you have at least 6 days, possibly 7 days worth of beef. 
Somebody at the “store” notices you only bought beef, no pork, no chicken, and no fish.  They send you a pre-recorded message saying they are upset that you are eating so much beef and that from now on you will only be allowed to buy enough beef for 2 days, the other 5 you MUST eat chicken, fish and/or pork. 
Could this actually happen?  YES.  Mrs. President Obama is already trying to have talking shopping carts to make you put those Oreos back and buy more fruit.  When actually the fruit could probably be as bad, if not worse, than the Oreos.  Fruit is almost entirely sugar, fructose.  When it hits your blood stream your blood glucose skyrockets.  When Oreos hit your blood stream it is slower due to the other ingredients, mainly wheat, which slows it down. 
“They” say eat more fruit, less fat.  Well, I for one will continue with my high protein diet (yes, saturated fat from beef), low carbohydrate diet.  I have lost weight, I feel better, and I do not get as hungry as quick. 
Protein satiates, carbs do not. 
But back to Big Brother.  My television is not talking to me yet. When it starts it will go in the trash, but be aware, Big Brother is watching your every move.  Kroger knows what I am buying, Amazon knows what I am buying, the Government can access your personal banking records, and how about the IRS?  There is no assumption of privacy anymore.  Could you be getting calls telling you that that dress you bought was totally inappropriate for your age, how about that car?  Too expensive for you?  And we looked at your health records and you are overweight so from now on you will only be allowed to buy low-fat foodstuff at the grocery.  You will be required to exercise at the local gym and if you don’t show up, we will know it. 
Government is getting more and more intrusive and places like Kroger and Amazon being able to track my buying is just plain scary.

Yes, you can call me paranoid. 


        It is good to be back, however, I can’t think of a single thing to Rave about.
        When I started this blog I promised I would not write about Politics or Religion.
        With those two things off the table, nothing has happened lately to brag about.  Having been “under the weather” for so long causing my ramblings about town to be curtailed means not much going on.
        However, if you read the above Rant you will see a small Rave for Kroger in being able to notify me of “possibly” contaminated fruit.  As I stated, this can be Good or Bad. 
        Yes, although I consider myself a bit paranoid, I do try to look on the bright side and will give a small shout out to Kroger for actually caring about their customers, but I still consider it intrusive and an invasion of my privacy.
        Hopefully next month I will have a better Rave.  Something good has got to happen.  Always the optimist.
        So, until next time, Never give in, Never surrender and may God Bless.


 Hubby’s Bar-B-Q Ribs 

Pre-heat grill to 275 degrees.

1 rack pork baby-back ribs
salt and pepper
Tone’s Cajun Seasoning

Rinse ribs and dry with paper towel.  Sprinkle with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning.  Single wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil, place in center of grill with center burner off for 90 minutes.

Remove from grill, unwrap, brush with your favorite sauce and place back on grill (unwrapped) for 5 minutes each side. 

Serve and enjoy.

Serve with baked beans and a tossed green salad.

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